SECRETS OF LIFE 9-16-23
    "Mental realization is the what; spiritual realization is the how. So now
    you see that you have a lot of work to do to see the difference between
    thinking and understanding. This is the enormous secret that is ready for
    you any time you are ready for it.
    Even if you didn't understand very well the opening comments, do this one
    thing: know that it is indeed a source of everything that you really want
    in your heart. In those few starting remarks are all the clues you need to
    take your life as it is and make it into what it can be and should be for
    your authentic happiness.
    To make all this clearer, I'm going to give you an illustration that you
    can follow, word for word, so that the great lesson and opportunity that is
    waiting for you will come to you because you want to listen and
        from a talk given 9/9/1988
      V. Hs Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 22, talk 554, track 24