Morning Prayer for Sabbath 9-16-23

  • Yahvah, we thank you for allowing us to come to you this Sabbath Day and to stand before your face. We thank you for helping us throughout our life on earth, for strengthening our faith in you and our trust in all you do. Bless us and give us courage this day as we come to sing your songs learn from you Word and hear your Sermon. May your light shine out among the peoples so that they recognize your will. May your light shine out so that your name may be praised and we can rejoice in the new time you give us. For you will be at work and you will accomplish it. Even when we do not know what will become of our time, you know what our time needs, and you will carry out your will. You will let your name be honored. You will bring your kingdom, and you will change everything for the good. This we prayer Yahvahosha the Messiah.