SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 10-22-23

  •               SECRETS OF LIFE 10-22-23
    "You want to reject your sad life, but you haven't the slightest notion of
    how to do it. That's the problem, isn't it? You want to do something,
    accomplish the aim of ridding your day of troubles, you want to do
    something but you don't know the how to do it. You're going to hear the
    basic principles of how to do it this morning.
    When you're given the book, you have to read the book and apply what it
    says, right? If you want to do something in the outer world, build a house
    or repair a car, you are given the information and then you have to do
    something with the information. And you know that, in your heart you all
    know that, but there is resistance and there are barriers.
    The barriers are broken down by you acquiring spiritual knowledge of what
    you have to do to reject your sorrowful life. And one of the first things
    you will learn is the last thing you want to do - is reject your sorrowful
    life, because it gives you something to do with yourself, something to
    complain about. It gives you something to do with all that energy you have
    in there that you don't know how to use constructively; and so you hang on
    to your pains and your problems because now you can use up the energy and
    feel a certain release in being negative.
    Isn't that horrible, that even basic principles like that are unknown.
    You do not know hardly anything about yourself except what you like for
    dinner, or your favorite melody. You don't know anything about yourself
    and yet you assume that you do. That assumption is your, yes, your
    disaster; all of you hearing me talk this morning, that's your disaster
    and we're going to do something practical, direct, about it right now."
        from a talk given 1/7/1990
      V. H.'s Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 28, talk 704, track 25