SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 10-245-23

  •    SECRETS OF LIFE 10-245-23
    To sow the same seeds is to reap the same weeds. Even this simple law of
    nature is overlooked by those who ache over a habitually hopeless harvest.
    To gain something different we must do something different. How easy it is
    to criticize whatever goes contrary to our present beliefs rather than
    attempt to understand. How shallow it is to speak the word 'love' and not
    realize that the word is not the virtue.
    Do what you should do instead of what you want to do.
    At first it arouses resistance, but the time will come when what you should
    do and want to do are the same thing. That stage is known as happiness.
    Perhaps you would like to know how the truth makes you a different kind of
    person. With a mixture of wonder and appreciation you will see the
    difference in yourself for yourself. Here is one way in which you will be
    different: You will have the casualness of a person who has nothing to
        Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 85 (Original version)
                                                    p. 81 (Current version)