SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 10-25-23

  • SECRETS OF LIFE 10-25-23
    "A human being is pained when his preference meets the fact. There it is.
    Now let's look at it very slowly and deeply.
    You have preferences - you wish another person to behave in a certain way
    toward you, you want him to be kindly, you want him to be loyal, you
    want him to say that he likes you. That's your preference, right? Another
    preference would be that you want to feel secure in this society, and you do
    all sorts of things you can think of to feel secure by getting a lot of
    money so you feel financially secure. Or you want to feel secure within
    yourself mentally so you read a lot of books, thinking that ordinary
    acquisition of knowledge is going to make you feel secure. So you have all
    these preferences, the way you want life to be. When you go to that place
    you are expecting certain things to happen - the boss to give you a raise,
    to be a very entertaining movie, on and on and on.
    You walk out of the door of your house with a basket filled with
    preferences. This is what I want, what I expect.  So you take your basket
    full of preferences out in the world, and the movie for which you paid all
    that money was boring. The raise you asked for wasn't forthcoming. The
    security you expected from the world isn't felt by you. In other words,
    no one fulfills you. There is always disappointment. There is always
    emptiness. The answer to your worldly prayer is a worldly no. That causes
    pain and I want you to not miss the next point.
    You don't get what you expected so you feel pain and now you feel
    rewarded.  Well, if that expectation wasn't fulfilled, look at the one
    that was. My old pal pain will always come to my rescue. He will never,
    never fail. Right? You've got it fixed just right, so that you never
    lose. You always win. When you don't get what your demand is out in the
    world, you always have a fall-back position, which is to feel pain and its
    thousands of varieties. The pain that the world is so cruel and nobody
    cares for you and everybody is out to exploit you and then toss you aside.
    You've always got a fresh supply of pain to fall back on.
    Now let's see what would happen if you handled your day in a different way.
    You get up in the morning. You went out into the world basketless. No
    demands, no preferences, no wish for how others should talk to you, treat
    you. Whether they come into your life or go out of your life. No preferences
    at all as to how they behave toward you.
    If you had no preferences, you would have no crisis; therefore, no
    compulsive need to fall back into suffering to support you, so you think.
    Well, look what we have discovered already, that if your whole system could
    be without false preferences, invented desires, then when you went out into
    the world, there is no way you can be disappointed, therefore no need to
    call upon your treacherous ally, pain and suffering."
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