SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 10-28-23

  •   SECRETS OF LIFE 10-28-23
    "Only someone who has found you out can help you out. How many of you have
    ever done anything bad and got found out? How many are glad you didn't get
    found out on some occasion? We're going to get back to that point later on;
    meanwhile keep that opening remark in your mind. Only someone who has
    found you out can help you out, because you haven't found yourself out. You
    don't know where to start, where to work, what to do, how to behave; you do
    not know how to behave with yourself.
    Truth, God, Reality has already found everyone out and wants to convey
    that extremely valuable information to everyone. But practically everyone
    resists it, because they want to live from their invented nature instead of
    from the realities. So we're going to talk this morning about you
    developing your spiritual talent for seeing through yourself, for finding
    yourself out."
        from a talk given 1/14/1990
      V. H.'s Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 28, talk 705, track 26