• SECRETS OF LIFE 11-4-23
    "Try visiting yourself, that is take a look at the way you handled yourself
    today or mishandled yourself today. Take a look and see how you got
    tongue-tied all of a sudden; you didn't know whether you should say this,
    or you should say that. Take a look to see how you looked around for
    someone to solve your problems, or you made a phone call, didn't you? Did
    you make a phone call today? Someone to help you solve your problems. You
    write a letter, you search desperately for help.
    Wouldn't it be a marvelous, beautiful, peaceful, human experience to be
    self-contained?  Do you know what it means, self hyphen contained? That
    means everything you need is within you - not in you the way you now are.
    That's nothing but a wreck, isn't it? If you're going to refer to
    yourself and get right answers all you can do is have the mad answers from
    a mad psychic system, which you know is true.
    Haven't you ever observed your mind a little bit, how it churns and runs
    around in a dozen different directions, and you are going to get guidance
    and authority and wisdom and power from that? Hardly. So you're not going
    to find it in your present psychic make-up, mental make-up, emotional
    make-up, spiritual make-up. If you're not going to find it there, where
    and how? The _how_ can be very important, and I'll give you an
    illustration of it.
    Imagine a wealthy land owner with tens of thousands of acres surrounding
    his home. In one direction is timber and water, lakes and streams, he owns
    that. For both commercial and recreational purposes. Go in another
    direction and you see cattle and sheep and other livestock. Go in another
    direction and you see vast prairies that can yet be developed. Just bring in
    the proper equipment and that could be developed into profitable and good
    things for that. Here he has all this property, but he has to do something
    with it, doesn't he? He has to visit it.
    If he just stays home, all the people he appointed over all these different
    areas of his wealth are going to get lazy; they're going to get
    careless, they may get deceitful, they may steal things from him. So as the
    owner, he has to do something - I'm hoping you get the parallel to this -
    he has to visit them regularly and make sure that everything is going the
    way he as the boss, he as the land owner, wants it to go.
    When is the last time you visited your thoughts? When is the last time you
    examined your motives and saw the real motive behind the phony motive that
    you told that other person? When's the last time you visited even your
    physical self and saw how you were unnecessarily tense? When's the last
    time you saw that you were nervous, that you chattered nervously to people.
    That's what I'm talking about. Now look, it is very definitely possible
    for any of you who are sincere enough to start from the center of your
    home and visit every part of the system that you have, your thoughts, your
    reactions, your words."
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