• SECRETS OF LIFE 11-5-23
    'One part of us wants self-change, but another part resists.'
    'I will tell you what man is like. He is like a small child who glimpses
    several children at play on the other side of a high bridge. The child
    gazes longingly over, wishing to join the happy activities. But at the same
    time that he sees the other side he also sees the bridge - which he fears
    to cross. Do you know what a true teacher is? He is someone who has crossed
    the bridge himself. He can therefore assure you that in spite of all your
    fears it is perfectly safe to cross the bridge.'"
                                  ROYAL ADVENTURES ALONG THE WAY OUT
                      There is a Way Out, Chap. 10, p. 159 (Original version)
                                          Chap. 10, p. 194 (Current version)