• SECRETS OF LIFE 11-6-23
    "'You know, Mr. Howard, for a long time I have wondered what is wrong with
    myself and other people. The idea of a hypnotized humanity makes perfect
    sense. Why else would millions of people march off to senseless war? I hope
    we can continue with this subject next week. I want to know more.'
    'Don't be concerned if it is not clear to you just now. This merely
    indicates that you have not, as yet, escaped far enough to detect the
    difference between sleeping and awakened states. You see, a person in
    psychic slumber cannot possibly see what is meant by wakefulness until he
    actually wakes up. Suppose you are deeply asleep in your bed tonight. Would
    you hear someone who quietly informed you that you are asleep?'
    'No. I see what you mean. To use another example, we are like canaries in a
    cage who have no idea of the open sky. But what a difference!'
    'Awakening is the most _different_ event a human being can experience.'"
                    WAKE UP TO A WORLD OF WONDER
          The Path to Power, Chap. 2, p. 29 (Original version)
                         Chap. 2, p. 26 (Current version)