SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 11-12-23

  •  SECRETS OF LIFE 11-12-23
    "How many of you get tired of thinking? Don't you get tired of it? Your mind is in control of things and it mangles everything, doesn't it? Always thinking that we're going somewhere, and when we get there, we think we're going to feel at rest and satisfied. We never arrive! Just the traveling with nothing ahead of us real at all.
    It's like a dancer - maybe you've had this experience too sometime - you ever been dancing with someone and you wanted to stop, but you were afraid of offending your partner? I had that one time many, many years ago, in younger years. I wanted to stop, and the girl wanted me to stop more! 
    You are afraid of offending the world! Yes you are! You're on the go to what you call financial security, and there is no such thing, really, of
    course. You are always dancing with a new partner out there, with whatever enterprise it is, afraid to stop because you're afraid that somehow if you walk off that dance floor with all those other rambling wrecks out there, you're afraid if you walk off, you'll be conspicuous, and they will think there is something wrong with you.
    Well look, why don't you settle it right now in your mind. There is something wrong with everyone out there on the dance floor. The music isn't very pretty at that, is it? The music of meeting those crises - self-created because of the crisis inside yourself, meeting all those and wondering what you can do about it, and you don't know, so you just keep dancing on and on and on and on. I want you, I instruct you right now, right now while I'm saying this, I want you to have a new higher consciousness of how tired you are of the next step and the next step and the next step."
    Stop Hurting Yourself - Part 1
        Heavenly Help Awaits You - MP3 CD, track 5