SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 11-19-23

  •   SECRETS OF LIFE 11-19-23
    "So we have to start with the position that we do not understand ourselves;
    we do not understand anything higher than ourselves.
    What we can do - and listen to this superb start in being good students - we
    can see what truth is not. Now, already we've made good progress because we
    can understand clearly, with a little honesty, that truth is not the same
    thing as what we see in this world.
    Truth is obviously not in charge of human affairs. If it was things would
    be different, you would be different. You wouldn't have the expressions
    that you now have on your faces if truth was in charge. What we can see is
    that the way we are now operating is operating without the higher facts. We
    are without it. Now, already, isn't that nice? We've already shed to what
    degree we can shed ourselves of the delusion that we already have higher
    truth. Where does that leave us?
    Right exactly where we are in fact and that is a marvelous state because
    now we can begin to think properly toward truth even though we don't
    understand it. For example, you can see, if you're real honest now and watch
    things carefully, you can see that truth is not going to please you. Look,
    look how eager we are, searching around trying to find human beings who
    will approve of us, who'll be pleased with us, who will pat us on the
    shoulder and say, 'You're OK. I'm OK and you're OK.' We are looking for
    approval. Now look at the jolt you're going to get.
    If you are really a good student you're going to get the jolt of seeing
    that when you come to a place like this, you're not going to get pleasing
    answers. To the contrary, you're going to get answers that are going to
    jolt you. They're going to make you displeased, they're going to make you,
    very often and with many, many people, in fact millions of people, going to
    make you want to run away.
    First of all then, realize that truth is not going to operate as
    your friends do. And it's not going to be easy on you as you are easy on
    yourself. Therefore, you can have hope in that because it's going to treat
    you different from the way anyone else treats you or the way you treat
    yourself, and aren't you delighted? Or are you?
    So you get some shocks when you're told that you're divided, that you have
    no higher intelligence at all. So you get these shocks and you say, 'Well
    look, at least this is something different. At least I am not being put to
    sleep with my own lullabies.'"
        Be Good Students of Higher Facts
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