Morning Prayer 12/23/23

  • Almighty Heavenly Father Yahvah, We come to you this Sabbath Day with Thanksgiving in our hearts, for this the day that you have given too us. A day that we can come and worship and praise your name. A day where we can fellowship with our friends, neighbors, and family in your house of worship. Thank you. for all the blessing that you give to us each and every day. How you watch over us, and how you care for. We now pray for the sick, that you will touch and heal them of whatever is wrong with them this day. We pray for those that do not have jobs that you will bless them with a job. We pray also for those that do not have a place to live that you will give them a place to live, or help them to stay in the place that they have. Bless us now. This I pray in Yahvahosha's Name! Halleluyah