SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 12-24-23

  •  SECRETS OF LIFE 12-24-23
    An anxious man was stumbling and falling down a dark road when he met a
    stranger. The bruised man asked the stranger, 'Can you show me how to
    travel this road without so many hurts?'
    The stranger nodded towards an object the man held in his hand. 'What is
    that?' the stranger asked.
    'I don't know,' confessed the distressed traveler. 'Though I have no idea
    of its purpose I feel an urge to keep it.'
    'That,' informed the stranger, 'is a lantern. It will show you how to
    travel safely.'
    'But a lantern has light. This object is dark.'
    'Only because you have not made an effort to uncover it.
    The light is there all right, but you must personally liberate it.'
    'How can I do that?'
    'By no longer loving the dark way. Oh, yes, you are quite fond of your
    bruises. The evidence is obvious. You prefer to endure your hurts instead
    of questioning their necessity. Cease to cherish your present ways. Each
    time you do this you liberate more light.'"
    Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 108 (Original version)
                            p. 104 (Current version)