SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 12-25-23

  • SECRETS OF LIFE 12-25-23
    "There is no threat, no danger in anything exterior to you. There is no
    human being, there is no social system, no government, no unseen force that
    is a threat to your well, perfect state of being. Now that is a fact.
    That's a fact!
    And that fact goes one hundred percent contrary to your belief, doesn't it?
    Doesn't it? Now do you want your belief or do you want the fact? You want the
    belief. All right, call it opinion, theory, acquired opinion, whatever.
    I'm going to tell you again, and I want you to accept it as true. There is
    not a single thing out there in the world of any kind that represents a
    danger to who you really are. Now you don't see this, because you're not
    who you really are, you're someone else. You're all someone else, aren't
    you? How many different personalities, ten, twenty, fifty, all taking over,
    all wanting to steer the ship and being pushed overboard by someone else
    wanting to take it over.
    Now we have to get several points out of the way so that you can see this
    clearly for yourself. One of them is called self-protective fear. Now God
    and nature gave you a fear of running out into heavy traffic, of falling
    overboard on the boat, gave you self-protective fear of harm and loss to
    the physical body. Good. If it wasn't for that, we would all jump off the
    boat and think we could swim 80 miles to shore.
    But nature has given this as a warning, as a protection, so as to keep the
    physical body alive, and we obey that quite naturally; you don't have to
    think about it, do you? Something in you tells you don't lean too far
    over the side of the boat.
    All right, now that is not the kind of fear that we are talking about
    because that fear of losing the body is in time, and we're talking about a
    state which is above fear because it is above time, therefore in eternity.
    So try to take a leap in the your thinking and see that there is a power, a
    spiritual power that is above your natural and right protection of the
    physical self, that is superior to it. Therefore, even that fear of someone
    hurting your physical self is not valid in long range eternal thinking.
    See, the physical body lives in time; you are 20 years old today and it
    seems like tomorrow you'll be 30, right, 40. The physical body lives in the
    physical self that lives in time, it changes.
    The spirit of truth, which is higher than the physical body, does not live in
    time at all, therefore it is not affected by anything that happens to the
    physical self. And you're all so worried about that, what's going to happen
    to you. Ah, because you've been looking in the mirror, thousands of
    times over the years and you've looked and you say that's me and you won't
    listen to the truth when it says that is not you."
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