Morning Prayer 12-25-23

  • Father, we come to you this day, thank you for the truth. The truth that we know that your Son Yahvahosha the Messiah was not born Dec 25th. We know that it could not happen that you were born in the winter and the shepherd were out in the field with sheep in winter. We know that John the Baptist was born in April 6 months before the Savior was born. This would mean that the Savior was born Tishri 5th which is Oct 5th. Thank you Father for the truth. We know that it was not until the 4th century that Dec 25th became the day they say the Savior was born. How we Praise You for the truth. Help us to spread the truth to all that they may know the truth and the truth will set them free.  Thank you for giving us the truth. This we pray in Yahvahosha the Messiah. Halleluyah