SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 12-30-23

  •   SECRETS OF LIFE 12-30-23
    A teacher and his students were driving through livestock country.
    'Notice,' said the teacher, 'how an animal mingles with its own kind. Cows
    mix with cows, sheep with sheep. Do you see how this law applies to human
    When the students shook their heads, the teacher continued, 'You attract
    people and circumstances which correspond with your own nature, your own
    level of being. You attract what you are.'
    Someone asked, 'Could an understanding of this make our lives easier?'
    'Certainly. It will awaken the energy necessary for raising your level of
    being. To attract something different you must change what you are. A new
    consciousness attracts new conditions effortlessly.'
    The one way to change outer conditions is to change the inner condition."
                            HOW TO CURE DAILY DIFFICULTIES SWIFTLY
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