SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 12-31-23

  •  SECRETS OF LIFE 12-31-23
    "Questioner: I too appreciated the lecture on missing out. It seems like
    missing out is one of the motivating factors to a lot of insane behavior of
    unnecessary driving here and there when I feel like I'm missing out or
    staying up late at night when I feel like I'm missing out.
    Vernon: Yes, see when you answer the accusation, 'Unless you do this or
    that you're going to miss out.' When you answer it by going out for the
    drive or buying something like that, you're preventing yourself from
    seeing through the hoax. You're covering it up.
    We are seeking to suffer one hundred percent from what we are instead of
    diluting it to ninety percent or fifty percent. You'll never see through
    your suffering and smash it entirely until you suffer one hundred percent
    and you'll have to find out for yourself what that means."
        Questions and Answers 26  DVD # 36, talk 2