• SECRETS OF LIFE 1-4-24
    "You don't know what life is all about. You don't know what you're doing
    here. You even come to these classes or hear talks or read books and you
    absorb them, you think, and nothing changes internally.
    Maybe I'd better go back to basics and tell you what this is all about, why
    we're here in the first place. We're here because you don't have to any
    longer be who you've been in the past.
    Ah, already you're resisting, already there are shadows inside of you when
    I said that and I know why. Ah, you have so much fun chasing around. What
    you call fun is simply wasting your life because you have certain
    standards, certain ideas, as to what life is all about and you conform to
    your own definition of it. How pathetic.
    See, all you've ever known is defeat. This is what was passed on to you by
    your friends, by your own encounters out in the world and you were
    defeated. Now let's look at the defeat, and I'll tell you what it was. Your
    defeat was simply the denial of something you thought you wanted, something
    you thought you needed and that's what you call defeat.
    You'll find out as we're talking here today, you'll find out how to rise up
    and revolt against loving your own disastrous defeats in life, because they
    give you a false pleasure. And they make you the center of attention of
    your own life. How tragic. You understand, don't you, or do you, you have no
    real good cheer in your life? You don't know what it means to have a
    pleasant day.
    You can have a beautiful day all the time, you can be cheerful all the
    time, you can win in a new way all the time - if you'll do one thing (ah,
    one thing, it's going to take you years). If you investigate why you refuse
    to listen to something that is higher than you."
        Higher Answers to Daily Problems
          DVD # 9, talk 4  Blu-ray # 4, talk 4