•    SECRETS OF LIFE 1-7-24
    Scattered throughout India were several schools for those who wished to
    become skilled in religious art. Students were taught how to express true
    spiritual feeling through painting and music and poetry. The schools were
    testing grounds, for only those who learned their preliminary lessons were
    permitted to enter the advanced school at Benares. So lazy and insincere
    students fell away from time to time, but those who persisted in their
    studies were treated to a graduation dinner. For dessert, the graduates
    were served special cakes, small in size and rich with honey and spices.
    Though wondering at first at the special flavor of the honey cakes, the
    graduates soon recognized and enjoyed the extraordinary attraction
    possessed by the dessert.
    At the advanced school in Benares, it was necessary to eliminate
    unqualified applicants and impostors. So all applicants were served with
    tea and honey cakes, while the master teacher carefully observed an
    applicant's reaction. The teacher knew that only those who had acquired a
    taste for the special cakes could recognize and enjoy them. Unqualified
    applicants reacted with either dislike or uncertainty, which proved they
    had not graduated from the preliminary lessons. So it was the applicants
    themselves who either qualified or disqualified themselves for advanced
                          THE INSPIRED LIFE COMES TO YOU
              Secrets for Higher Success, Chap. 12, p. 235 (Original version)
                                          Chap. 12, p. 175 (Current version)