•  SECRETS OF LIFE 1-12-24
    "Once upon a time there was a village in the deep woods of Transylvania.
    Some miles from this village was the vampire castle - the name the
    villagers gave to it because of what went on inside at night. And here's
    what went on inside at night with those vampires. You should know that I'm
    talking about human beings. I'm not saying a word that is disconnected from
    human beings, from people you work with and walk with.
    The people in the village were attacked regularly at night while they were
    asleep by vampires who slunk out of the castle and came on down and bit
    them. This is symbolic of what happens to everyone in the world today,
    because human beings are asleep spiritually, thinking that they're awake,
    thinking they know what they're doing with their lives.
    None of you know what you're doing with your life. You say you know what
    you're doing, but you don't know because if you knew what you were doing,
    you'd be a happy, free human being instead of an angry, frustrated, hostile
    human being.
    Let me interrupt the story. Which are you, a happy human being, free,
    pleasant all the time? Or are you sour and hostile, always looking around
    for someone to blame and attack? I want you to take the lessons, what
    you're hearing into your life so that you won't be a self-divided human
    being anymore. Being good is the most practical and pleasant kind of a
    human you could ever be....
    Why are we studying this? To get rid of the mess. You either want to get
    rid of the mess or you don't. What you do with this information decides the
    issue for you as a human being here on earth. Make the right choice for
    your sake....
    The mayor of the village brought the villagers into counsel and he said,
    'This can't go on. We've got to do something about these vampires coming
    down every night and attacking us. All right, I'm looking for volunteers to
    do certain work. I want some of you to get the equipment together for the
    trip up to the castle so we can get over the walls and get inside to put
    the vampires out of business. And I want this gentleman over here to do
    this. You're in charge of the torches.' There's always torches in the
    village in a Dracula movie, aren't there? Then he gave assignments.
    Now I'm going to tell you what people are really like. Let's see if you
    think it's like you or not. I'll let you be the judge. The man who was
    supposed to get the torches said, 'I can't go. I have to go out of town for
    several weeks.' He gave an excuse. The man who was to get the equipment
    together said, 'Oh, I think it's wiser if I stay home and protect my family
    instead of going with you.' One after another, all the villagers gave an
    excuse why they wouldn't be brave, climb over the walls and go get rid of
    the vampires. No one would help him. No one would go with him.
    You know what the mayor said? This is what you want to say. This is what
    you must eventually say if you're ever going to be a sane, decent, good
    human being. You must say what he said, 'I'm going anyway. If necessary,
    I'll go all alone.'
    Someone asked him, 'Why are you going all alone?' And he said, 'Because
    it's the right thing to do.' Why don't you try living by that rule once in
    awhile - or, better yet, all of the time. Do something because it's the
    right thing to do....
    The mayor was different. He was unique. He lived by spiritual truths, not
    by a lying mind. As long as you have a lying mind you're never going to be
    a content, happy human being and you're always going to be afraid. You're
    going to be afraid of vampires, no matter what form they come in.
    The mayor said, 'I'm going.' The others stayed home. The mayor went to his
    house where his wife and two children were. They came out to the yard. He
    kissed them, they waved goodbye to each other and he turned and he walked
    all alone into the dark woods toward the vampire castle.
    He went off. Days passed. A week passed. A month passed. Finally he came
    back, battered and bruised, but alive and well. He reported that he had rid
    the castle of the evil vampires. And the vampires in that particular castle
    would not come to the village anymore because they were out of business.
    But he also reported something else that made them all a little uneasy. He
    said, while he was traveling around, he saw that there were several other
    castles out there and they were also inhabited by evil creatures, vampires
    and demons.
    After he came back, something strange happened that no one could understand
    except the mayor, this one spiritual human being among a pack of miserable
    cowards. What happened was that the vampires from the other castles - they
    were invisible vampires you couldn't see - came down and they attacked the
    village again, all except the one man who was now immune, because he had
    set forth into the inner and outer adventure and conquered them. They could
    not harm him anymore. He was protected by rightness, by his own goodness.
    You understand, Dracula can't stand goodness. He can only stand what he is,
    which is darkness, which is evil. You had better investigate your own
    resistance to light right now. You're discovering something quite
    unusual. Do not let it upset you. Don't let it disturb you. Just say, 'I
    want to know what it's really all about,' and one day you will. That will
    be the greatest day in your life."
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