• SECRETS OF LIFE 1-18-24
    "But first we must discover why the old ways don't and can't work. By this
    we mean the old ways of thinking, planning, reacting and the general
    handling of a situation with that man or woman. Please read the next
    paragraph very carefully.
    The old and usual ways can never work because they contain false beliefs
    about human nature. With harmful flattery they assume that everyone already
    possesses love and understanding and kindness to give to his mate. Not so.
    This is dangerous self-deception. If men and women already owned these
    virtues they would have no problems with each other in the first place. A
    person who truly possesses love and insight has no difficulty with himself
    or anyone else."
                        Relationship Guidebook*, p. 4
    * This is not the actual title of the booklet. Because of internet
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    Some may be familiar with this booklet. It is listed in our printed
    brochure. It's full of clear direct helpful rules for your love life
    and your life in general.