•    SECRETS OF LIFE 1-19-24
    "In order for anyone to find truth, to arrive at a region of light, he can't
    start with truth - how can you start with truth when you don't know what it
    is?  And I just explained, we soon distort things into our own ideas of
    truth, which is not truth at all, but simply our own self-glorified desires.
    So we finally have to start with proof of confusion, proof of being lost,
    proof of falsehood in every way.
    Now at the same time it is the easiest thing to do, it is the most
    difficult. Because at this point, human stubbornness comes in, human
    conceit comes in, so that a person doesn't want to go through the
    wilderness of his internal self in order to come out on the other side.
    He doesn't want to go into it because to go into it you first have to
    admit that it's there to go into. All these fiery feelings, all these
    little pet sarcasms that we have inside of us, all these greeds, this is
    the lost state, this is a false state, correct?
    Now for me to go into it, to even take one step inside of it, I have to
    say, 'Whew, that's the way I really am, how divided I am inwardly, how I
    smile a lot, but don't really mean it. And how I hide from myself, my
    confusion, and I call myself a truth-seeker,' for example. It is not even
    easy to take the first step into the lost state, because then you have to
    admit that you don't know anything at all, and never have."
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