• SECRETS OF LIFE 1-22-24
    "Stormland. There were several groups of people who lived in this
    terribly miserable land. And one group was a group of men and women who
    loved it. They loved to get soaked by the rain and scared by the thunder
    and even struck by the lightning. They loved it. They must have loved it
    because they made no attempt to get out. They were permanent residents
    of a place that tormented them day and night. Didn't wish to leave -
    they liked it there.
    There's another group of people who felt the discomfort 'consciously'
    and didn't like it, but they were lazy. (Sigh) They wanted to drift. And
    every once in awhile they'd get the idea that they might leave this
    terrible place and find a new homeland. But they didn't know how to do
    it, and they didn't make any effort to find how to do it, so they'd
    alternate, wishy-washy. One day saying, 'This is it, I'm leaving.' And
    the next day, they're back with their old friends and their own ways, so
    they never made it out.
    Now there's a third group which lived in Stormland for a long time, and
    they simply wanted to leave. They didn't want it at all. They didn't get
    any pleasure out of being hurt. And I will tell you that if you get
    hurt, feel hurt, you get pleasure from it - destructive pleasure. So
    these people, this third group studied and came back, and especially
    they did one thing. They especially became conscious of their screams in
    the night. Now, we have a physical picture there and there's also a
    psychological one. Screams in the night.
    Have you ever had a screaming nightmare - maybe as a child, maybe as an
    adult - in which something burst forth at night what is very carefully
    concealed during the day so that you got the proper front, so that you
    present yourself as respectable and in charge of yourself. The third
    group of people in Stormland became very conscious of something that was
    simply awful. And that awfulness built up to a scream inside themselves.
    Now, I want to tell you that you all have it. And you've never
    encountered it knowingly. You've hid it away too, for the sake of
    exterior appearances, so that you can appear to be right!
    And the screams in the night that you have, which are really repressed
    pains and confusions and frustrations, the screams in the night
    automatically tell you, trying to tell you, that you're leading a wrong
    life, that you have no business staying in Stormland."
        from a talk given 10/18/1986
      V.H's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 7, talk 155, track 1