•                SECRETS OF LIFE 1-23-24
    Imagine two men kidnapped by bandits and taken to a desert where they are
    forced to work for their captors. After several weeks they become somewhat
    accustomed to their captivity. But one of them finally sees an opportunity
    to escape. When informing his friend of it he hears the astounding reply,
    'Leave here? Not me. I am staying.'
    'Staying!' gasps the other man. 'But _why?_'
    'It is a matter of loyalty and gratitude,' comes the explanation. 'After
    all, these men have fed and clothed me over the weeks. Also, they have
    relieved me of the responsibility of thinking for myself. You know,
    loyalty and gratitude are great virtues.'
    An incredible scene that could not happen? It happens in the psychological
    world all day long. Accustomed to their chains, people feel false loyalty
    and gratitude towards their captors. The good news of liberation makes
    little if any impression on their minds. They cannot see their slavery for
    they call it security. Only those who call slavery slavery can escape."
      Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 114 (Original version)
                                  p. 109 (Current version)