• SECRETS OF LIFE 1-25-24
    "You reject anything that requires you to be interested in something other
    than your memories. You don't want to be told to set aside your high school
    year book and your trophies and your favorite ways of thinking. You don't
    want to be told that you've got to set them aside. It terrifies you. The
    terror of giving up your toys is a lie. It's false. It has no power over
    you at all.
    This is so vital to grasp because it's an important turning point in your
    inner life. You must never be afraid to change when you hear the call for
    it. And you're hearing the call for it when you hear the voice, 'This is not
    it.' The marriage was not it and you know it but you insisted at the time
    that it was. The transfer from one employment to another, you insisted at
    the time and you told your wife all about it: 'Now things are going to be
    better.' Do you understand the point? Right in the middle of both what you
    call victory and what you call defeat. Right in the middle of that
    something is trying to tell you that nothing you do is worthwhile, its not
    going to last.
    Look, come on, what you want to know, what you want to know in your heart
    is that all is well and that all is going to be well forever. Right?  You
    know that. You want to know, 'I'm going to be all right, and I want it to
    last, I don't want it to stop... The world can't stop your authentic
    happiness when you understand and you are vitally interested in what we're
    talking about.
    And so you listen right in the middle of victory or defeat, emotionalism,
    excitement, wanting to tell someone else something you're doing. You're all
    ready to walk over to your spouse or to a friend and tell them the
    marvelous thing that has just happened to you. You found just the plan you
    wanted and you're going to carry it out. You met that marvelous person. You
    met that group that told you how you are going to make it in a new way.
    Right in the middle of you saying, 'I am going to do better now' - you
    listen and don't you stop listening until you hear the other message that
    says, 'This is not it.' To get that far in itself is authentic victory
    because it means that you're catching self-deception in action.
    It means that you're a little bit aware of how you have taken the easy lazy
    and hazardous way of believing in yourself as you are now constituted.
    ...Look, all the time you go out there and you're going to do something for
    yourself with yourself, by yourself, all the time you're doing that, you
    are not doing anything except something that is destructive and that is
    carrying you farther and farther off shore away from solid ground.
    This is what you must be willing and have an elementary courage to
    realize that all that you have, all that you boast about, all that you
    count on, all that you rely on, all that you think about - get them all
    together, get your whole entire life into one big box, toss them in there
    like junk and say in agreement with the voice, 'This is not it.'
    Now, I'm going to tell you something, all of you - you will never, never,
    never, never, never be a content happy and self-organized human being until
    you do that."
                Awareness is Everything
            The  Path to a New Life - MP3 CD, track 2