•                           SECRETS OF LIFE 1-29-24
    "I want you all to do some work now and I'm going to give it to you. I want
    you to remember a simple phrase. _What if everything I did was to build
    strength instead of hinder it?_  Just write it down in your own way, in your
    own mind. What if everything I did, everything I said, everything I thought
    was for the purpose of building inner strength instead of hindering it?
    Haven't you spent enough of your life hindering yourself, blocking yourself
    from becoming the kind of a human being that you could be? I'm talking to
    you about realities. This isn't just an airy lecture. This is getting very
    close to you and all of you sense it. There is not one of you right now who
    doesn't sense that you're feeling something you've never, ever felt before,
    and it's about time."
              SOLVED The Mystery of Life, Part 1 Chap. 4, p. 75 (Original version)
                                          Chap. 4, p. 56 (Current version)
                    - Part 1A
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