•  SECRETS OF LIFE  1-31-24


    "Are you aware of the fact that there are so many things going on inside
    your mind, inside your emotions, that you don't comprehend - that feeling of
    loneliness comes up, that feeling of desperation, of not knowing which way
    to turn, of the dozens of decisions you have to make every day. They are
    inside of you but you don't know what to do with them and so you do the
    only thing you know to do is to fear them. I am telling you it can all be
    erased, the whole business. Let me give you a little illustrative story on

    There was a group of people, men and women, 15, 20, 25 gathered in a home
    for an evening of social talk and dinner. And after the dinner they all came
    to the living room and just started talking in general about life, and one
    man suggested, 'Lets find out, each one of us, what is the thing we want
    most of all in life.' They thought that'd be interesting to explore a
    little bit so they volunteered one at a time what they wanted out of life
    most of all. And of course as you might expect one man said, 'I'd like more
    money, I'd like promotion, I'd like elevation in my business career' - so
    that's what he wanted.

    Another woman spoke up and she said, 'I'd like my home life to be more
    tranquil, less quarreling, less conflict, less heartache in my home.'

    Another man came on and he said, 'Well what I want most of life is do a lot
    of traveling; always wanted to be running around somewhere, other parts of
    the world and seeing the great buildings and the great forests and jungles
    of other lands. That's what I'd like to do, I'd like to travel.'

    They finally got to the end of the group where there a young lady and she
    was the only one who hadn't contributed yet and so after a little bit,
    she spoke up and she said, 'What I would like is to no longer be afraid of
    life. What I would like is to no longer be afraid.'

    Now, isn't that a marvelous desire - something that is worthwhile?

    So you've got all the money and you get so excited over that promotion and
    you get so exited because you're going to go on that trip. And by the way,
    guess what you're going to find at the end of that trip, you know already,
    don't you? You're smiling, you know what you're going to find. You're going
    to find yourself again and what is more miserable than that - to spend all
    that money, fight all that traffic, put up with all the things you have to
    put up with and you end up in front of a mirror.

    There's a wiser way to live and that wiser way is to say to yourself
    something like this, 'All right, here I am 30, 40, 60, 70 years old and all my
    life I've never known what to do with myself. I really have never known
    what to do with myself, but I've been very grateful for compulsive duties
    that said you be at work at 8, you go home at 5 or you do this on the
    weekend, you mow the lawn or whatever, you wash the dishes.'

    People are very grateful to compulsive duties because if they didn't have
    those, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. Wouldn't you like the
    kind of a life where you will have lived it so fully, so completely, that you
    don't have to have tyrants over you to tell you to do something so you
    won't feel lonely. Do you understand what I'm talking about?

    Ladies and gentlemen, don't you think it's about time that we slowed down,
    that we sat down quietly somewhere and we looked inside our lives and we
    looked around at the results of our living up until now and we say to
    ourselves, 'As much as I resist self-change, self-investigation,
    self-knowledge - as much as I resist it, I'm going to go ahead with it
    anyway because my life as I am now unliving it, not living it, my life as I
    am now living it is no life at all.'"

        V H's Positive Answers # 1  DVD # 36, talk 3