sECRET OF lIFE (r) 2/2/24

  • Secret of Life 2-2-24

    What do you have to do in order to start talking about, thinking about,
    working about the right things? A man or a woman never likes anyone to tell
    them, no matter how gently you tell them, "Sir, you're talking about the
    wrong things, because that's all you can do, because you don't know.
    Therefore, you must talk from ignorance."

    There's one - one type of person and one only - that the truth will hound,
    that the truth will haunt. The truth will keep after a human being who
    says, who prays, "Save me from myself." That prayer is heard up in
    Heaven. And Truth will keep after you in spite of yourself. And when you
    push it away, it'll come back again. And you'll run away. It'll come back
    again no matter what you do because it heard your prayer. And it knew it
    was real originally - it'll keep after you.

    The others? No! See it just so happens that Truth knows the human heart,
    whether it's you, whether it's me. It knows it one hundred percent
    accurately. And it looks down and if it sees that you're tired of lying,
    then it knows that that's your prayer. If it sees that you're tired of
    punishing yourself, then that's the prayer. And it will answer that.
    Nicely, there is such a thing as beginning to open yourself to it, not
    taking blows from Truth, because Truth never strikes anyone.

    You say, "This is hard to understand. This is hard on the ego. That has
    nothing to do with Truth. Truth is gentle and Truth is loving." The blow
    comes from your own resistance to what Truth is trying to get through to
    you. Why don't you just give up the whole business of fighting?

    And you can start doing that even if you only have a faint notion of what
    it means. You're only required to do what you can do at the present
    moment. And even if there's a faint glimmer in you that says, "You know,
    what I've heard tonight is the pure truth. And in spite of every obstacle
    inside or outside me, I'm going to go along with that, because I have
    never solved my own problems. I am always talking about the wrong things,
    the wrong things being to complain against life. The wrong thing is to say
    that I can't make it."

    Look around at your friends and you know that they have closed their minds,
    and they've closed their hearts to something that is different. They want
    to be only themselves. That is up to them. They're not being very wise.
    You can be wiser. You can see, you can look out in the world and you can
    see the whole world is always talking about the wrong things. You can learn
    to talk about right things right here.

    You start with thinking we're pretty mixed up. I told you that was the
    first step, to see how wrong we are inwardly, and not identify with it. Not
    feel bad over the fact that you're so bad. But simply observe it
    scientifically and see and say how self-defeating you are.

    You will find yourself quite magically talking about right things. You will
    feel the rightness of your new statements. You will see the vanity fall
    away. You can't push it away. Vanity cannot push vanity away. But the
    admission of vanity, that's the start for the Light pushing it away.

    For those of you who want something different, who are willing to admit
    that you've been wrong, as difficult as it is to admit that it's wrong,
    if you do it, that's a beautiful thing. And you can begin to change. You
    can begin to grow. You can begin to understand. And you can begin to lose
    all the pain you used to have when you rejected Truth.

    The burden that was on you all your life will begin to be lifted. It'll
    become lighter, and lighter and lighter. It'll be a very real thing to

    And so ladies and gentlemen, I leave you with your decision. Truth says,
    "Come and I will heal." Liste to that voice!