• SECRETS OF LIFE  2-4-24


    "There is no way a human being in a lost state can ever have mercy on
    himself because mercy requires comprehension.

    And do you think humanity, rushing around as it does, takes time to wonder
    what tenderness is, what insight is? Not at all. That’s good news
    therefore, isn’t it, that there is something in this universe that is not
    completely mindless, rushing and crashing and not as the world does, but
    something that is above it, something that can look down and understand
    every move every human being makes. And instead of criticizing and lashing
    out at what it sees, truth nods its head and that is its mercy because it
    knows that human beings can never behave above their own level, but that
    any man or any woman who wants to can raise their level.

    You had better search and search hard for this higher mercy, because you
    are not going to give any to yourself. I know that and the reason I know
    that is because you never have in the past and you are not going to change
    unless something very drastic happens inside you. And one drastic thing that
    should happen is that you indeed see what your heavy spirits do to you. How
    they take all the real pleasure out of life. You have no real pleasure in
    life, do you? You have excitements and you have thrills and you have things
    to look forward to.

    But there is one thing you don’t have and that is even a beginning
    comprehension of what you’re doing here. You can be very grateful then
    that there is something that can enable us to begin to work rightly on
    ourselves in this world - which is the beginning of mercy, which is the
    beginning of real innocence."

        You Belong in Your Castle
            DVD # 13, talk 3   Blu-ray # 5, talk 7