•   SECRETS OF LIFE  2/8/24


    "It is quite popular, of course, to accuse other people, to slander them,
    so that by contrast you can try to convince yourself that you're not as
    bad as they are. They're the enemy, they're the brute, they are the
    brutes, while you of course would never dream of doing the awful things
    that they do.

    The very fact that an individual has to go into that self-convincing is
    proof in itself that what he accuses the other person of is simply a
    projection of his own malicious intentions and nature in general. You
    therefore, if you don't want to change from one pretense to another,
    must notice with strict self-honesty, your accusations of other people.
    You can no longer hide behind your own pretenses of being superior, of
    being nice while they are cruel.

    If you do continue to hide the facts from yourself, you - now listen
    carefully to the words I'm using - if you hide the actual facts about
    yourself from yourself, you have condemned yourself to live in the lower
    regions. You have condemned yourself to be a suffering human being."

        from a talk given 1/17/1987
      V. H.'s Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 9, talk 206, track 1