• Our Eternal Heavenly Father, we are so thankful for the Sabbath Day that you have given us, where we can come to worship and praise your name. Where we can lay aside our cares for the day you have given us to worship and honor you. Thank you for being able to come to Sabbath School, the Morning Worship and the Evening worship. Thank you for the blessing that you have given us throughout this week, how you have watched over us and protected us from hurt, harm or danger. We now ask for those that sick, that you will touch them and heal them of the sickness they might have. We ask also that you be with those that might be homeless that you will let them know that you are still there for them. I ask that you bless all our military in every part of the world. That you will guide them and that you will take care of them. Thank you for the service that they do for our country. Bless the doctors and nurses as they take care of the sick and the hurt tio get better. Now, bless this the Sabbath Day. This I pray in Yahvahosha's name. Halleluyah!