•    SECRETS OF LIFE  2-11-24

    "Self-honesty again. Seeing the facts as they are. Crowd thinking is
    crowded thinking. How many have bustling minds, thoughts colliding with
    each other all the time? Crowd thinking has pulled an enormous hoax on you.
    You believe in it. Would you please simply realize you have to believe what
    God says about your situation.

    Billions of people, all joined together, deceiving each other and hurting
    each other. That's a good point by the way - the idea of hurting other
    people. And I want you to think about it more. When one person hurts
    another person, it's because they get a thrill out of it. Live without the
    thrill of hurting someone else and you'll live without the thrill of
    hurting yourself. The two are tied together."

                     Crowd Thinking
             Your Power of Natural Knowing, Chap. 2, p. 17 (Original version)
                                            Chap. 2, p. 15 (Current version)