•   SECRETS OF LIFE  2-12-24

    "How many of you feel very often that you are simply a mistake-making
    machine? On the other hand, how many of you have led such a saintly life,
    have led such an innocent life that you could sell your pet parrot to the
    town gossip?! (Laughter)

    In either case, we have lots of work to do, so let's get down to business.

    The first order of business is for you to stop attributing power, force and
    influence over you to forces, to experiences which have no power or
    authority over you at all. They seem to have and they can sure rough you up
    - that lost employment or that frustrated long-term plan you had for being

    Life throws so many things at you, and you feel that you're a victim. Let
    me tell you right now you are not a victim of anything and you never have
    been, except in your own mind because you wanted to be a victim, because it
    gave you a sense of identity. It gave you something to do with yourself and
    it gave you a sense of purpose, all of which are false."

           Ojai Talk - 5-7-1988 - 7 PM
        The Laws of Spiritual Development - MP3 CD, track 14