•   SECRETS OF LIFE  2-22-24

    "There is nothing more important for your spiritual growth for you to know
    than that you are not your feelings. Oh, here's the problem - and now we run
    into the big road block - you want those moods, those swings up and down,
    the roller coaster ride feelings. You want them to be you because you have
    no other sense of existence. And I said sense of existence, which is
    nonsense, because they are not existence.

    But your mind and your moods have entered into an evil conspiracy to try
    to get you to believe in them. Your mind says you're going to be unhappy
    today unless you do something to make you happy, so you can think of
    anything and feel anything that will make you feel better. And so you go on
    a long ride and waste all that gasoline and waste all your time, waste your
    life, which you could have used in self-awakening. You waste yourself
    because you believe the false instructions from the enemy headquarters.

    Now here's the very heart of the problem. You're worried, anxious, because
    you don't realize that you're not your emotions. If you realize it, you
    will then allow the higher headquarters inside yourself, inspired by the
    higher headquarters in Heaven, you will allow your higher headquarters to
    allow you to be indifferent with the way you feel because it makes no
    difference. You should be indifferent."

        from a talk given 4/18/1987
      Vernon Howard's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 11, talk 258, track 1