• SECRETS OF LIFE  2-24/24


    The simple wish to understand that which you do not at present understand
    is a powerful force. Release it fully. Let it work for you. That is the
    purpose of psychic energy - to revitalize you. So release it right now,
    whether working with others or all by yourself.

    A husband and wife asked for and received an appointment with a teacher
    of real knowledge. The husband said, 'We wish to understand why certain
    things happen to us.'

    The wife added, 'This will help us attract only those events which are

    The teacher explained, 'You attract whatever corresponds to your own
    nature. Like attracts like. This is natural law. Tigers associate with
    other tigers. Doves fly together. Change what you are and you will change
    what you attract. Self-change starts by seeing yourselves as you really
    are, not as you imagine you are. Work together with these ideas.'"

         Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 121 (Original version)
                                            p. 115 (Current version)