•  SECRETS OF LIFE  2-25-24

    "Watch very honestly your processes as you hear a truth talk and watch for
    the point in which you honestly say, 'I don’t understand that, I don’t
    follow that, this is as high as I can go.' Now this is honestly; it means
    you recognize your present level, whatever it might be and it’s this
    recognition of your present limitation that eventually enables you to rise
    above it.

    So you have your choice of being honest in saying I really don’t grasp
    that or deceiving yourself into saying I do understand that. And the
    world always takes this dishonest course when they hear a truth, because it
    is not acceptable to their inner nature, to their dishonesty. They take it
    and distort it and say I understand it and they don’t understand it at

    They have actually rejected it and put their own imagination, vanity,
    egotism in its place and called it higher truth, which means that they are
    the very same person they were before they heard the truth. They have not
    changed, they haven’t permitted the truth to change them. Now I’ll
    illustrate this.

    Imagine yourself at an airport with an airplane moving along the ground
    about to take off, and I'm there explaining this airplane to you - the
    airplane being a composite truth.

    And I say to you, notice that this airplane has two motors, all right? You
    look at the airplane and you know for yourself from your own observation
    that what I told you about the airplane is true...

    Now the airplane has taken off and I continue to ask you to look at it. And
    let’s say it takes off and starts to circle upward so that you can still
    see it, but it goes higher and higher.

    I next say to you, I want you to notice that the numbers underneath the
    airplane are two-sixty-seven. You look up and you can see it, but not quite
    too clearly because the airplane has gone up a little bit.

    Next I say, I want you to notice the total shape of the airplane as it
    appears to you now...but you can’t get a picture of its shape because
    it's gone too high.

    Now at this point you can say to yourself, I can’t follow what you said.
    I can’t clearly make out the whole shape of the airplane. Now this is the
    honest point, isn’t it, where you say to yourself, I can’t follow you
    because the airplane - the truth - has gone too high for me to see for

    Now, truth or a teacher of truth knows a thousand things about that
    airplane that you can’t see; it’s too high for you, he knows them. So
    it’s up to you to raise your perception in order to see what the teacher
    sees… You must simply say - the principle of self-honesty - that I just
    don’t know any higher than I can see, which is honesty, isn’t it?"

       What to Do with Yourself Each Moment
          Something Higher Than Ideas - MP3 CD, track 8