"How Loretta Overcame Her Destructive Complexes

    'I think it best,' Loretta S. opened the conversation with me, 'that I
    speak about a specific situation which must be changed. I see the futility
    of going along with it any more. You have already done that much for me.
    To get to the point, I feel as if I am not living my own life.'

    'In what way?' I asked.

    She laughed lightly. 'I hope it doesn't sound as if I have a persecution
    complex, but I feel as if everything I do is compulsive. I feel as if I'm
    being dragged over rocky ground, but have no will to escape. Am I making

    Of course Loretta was making sense. Honesty always makes sense. To be
    honest about misery is the first necessary step toward removal. Loretta's
    feeling is common to those who have not as yet found the way out. It is the
    feeling of being oppressed, of living in a hostile world with no defense,
    of being at the mercy of unexpected blows from lurking assailants.

    But all this can be overcome. I assure you of this. You can be fully in the
    world and yet removed from its griefs, much like a bottle dancing freely
    and undisturbed in a stormy sea. All you really need at the start is an
    intense longing to find out.

    Loretta had that longing. So together we worked out definite plans for
    reclaiming her life. The following plan which worked for her can also work
    for you. Your objective is to _watch._"

                       The One Way to Change Your Life Amazingly
                Pathways to Perfect Living, Chap. 2, p. 15 (Original version)
                                            Chap. 2, p. 29 (Current version)