• "Now if I were to ask all of you whether you're lonely, you'd have to answer
    yes, wouldn't you? You'd have to; of course you are. You've got a family
    and friends and you're chasing around yourself and you're still lonely; you
    feel isolated.

    If I was to ask you if you spend a good deal of your time and your energy
    trying to prove that you're right when you're wrong, you'd have to answer
    yes to that also, wouldn't you? Ah, let's look at that a little closer. Here
    we are wrong people filled with these emotions that are so harsh to us and
    to others and instead of investigating them we protect them and we say
    well, I must have that feeling, therefore it must be all right because it
    belongs to me.

    Are you telling me that it's right to be under stress and strain all the
    time? Are you telling me that that's a good thing? Is anger a good thing or
    a bad thing? It's a bad thing because when you're angry you are separated
    from your real nature just for one thing, but we could get simpler than

    When you are angry, when you're in a rage, don't you justify it? Now,
    you stop that. You stop saying your anger is all right. Why do you have to
    insist that it is? And you are. I know you are; you may not know it but I
    know it and I know that you justify it.

    You justify your rage and your fury, which you've suppressed. You justify
    it because you take it as a part of you, as a part of your necessary
    appliances for getting through this world. Would you like to find out
    something? Would you like to find out that anger, envy, self-pity,
    loneliness which you cling to so desperately, wouldn't you like to find out
    that that is the enemy? What do we take as the enemy then now?

    We take as the enemy truth itself, which tries to get through our thick
    heads, which tries to penetrate and to explain it's not trying to attack as
    we think. We resist truth because there's something wrong with us and we
    think truth is going to take something valuable away. It's going to give
    us something truly valuable, but not seeing that we fight and resist. And
    listen to this, we fight and resist reality which wants to give us a new
    life and the result of that, listen to this tragedy, we remain as we are."

        V. H.'s Positive Answers # 2  DVD # 36, talk 4