Morning Prayfer for the Sabbath 3/9/24

  • Dear Yahvah, I pray that You would ignite in me a burning desire to honor this day and to prioritize it in my life. Help me to recognize the significance of each moment and to treat it with reverence and gratitude. 

    May I fully embrace the opportunities that this day presents, and may I utilize my time and resources in a way that reflects Your love and glory. Yahvah, strengthen my resolve to live each day for Your purposes, and grant me the strength and discipline to resist distraction and worldly temptations. May the Sabbath be a testament to Your favor and a testimony of Your transforming power in my life.

    May you Yahvah touch and heal the sick that they will be4 whole and well, and they will give you the praise for it.

    Bless the services today on this Your Sabbath day. This I pray in Yahvahosha. Halleluyah!