• "Welcome Your Higher Nature - your costumeless nature

    You know what a costume is. A costume is something that is not natural to
    you at all. The ordinary clothes that we have on now - this is our
    natural clothing. That's right, that's good. But a costume is something
    that's artificial, that you put on uselessly, for the purpose of trying to
    feel good fortune of some kind.

    You have the experience of being offended by another person, so you put on
    the costume of being an indignant man. Or someone else offends you more
    deeply, and you put on a very definite monster costume of being furious
    toward him, fury being the monster costume. You want to attract the man,
    ladies, and you know how to play the game. You've been playing it since you
    were a fourteen-year-old girl. And you put on the pleasant girl costume,
    the person who's affectionate, someone who's nice to be around. That's your
    costume. The boy does the same thing when he meets the girl.

    And so our closet is jammed with artificial actions, hundreds of them,
    all mixed up. You're never quite sure which costume to put on, are you?
    Notice this.

    Have you ever noticed yourself coming to a crisis situation? Maybe an hour
    from now you have to meet some people, and it's going to involve you in
    some way. Have you observed the costume changes you make in your mind,
    hundreds of times, before you get there? And you talk it all out with
    yourself. See, you're relying on the costume to get you through. But it
    won't! There's no such thing as a right costume. They're all wrong. The
    whole wardrobe should be moved away and sent down to the neighborhood
    yard sale! (Laughter)

    So what you have to do is be an alert, observant person. Before this crisis
    meeting that you have to attend an hour from now, you're going to have to
    consciously say _no_ to all costume selections. This will relieve you of
    the madness of rushing around inside of that huge wardrobe you have and
    trying to get the right one. I told you, there is no right one. The only
    right dress is no costume at all - just your normal clothing."

                   Welcome Your Higher Nature
             Your Power of Natural Knowing, Chap. 3, p. 23 (Previous version)
                                            Chap. 3, p. 21 (Current version)