• "There was once a group of psychological criminals and oh, what a large
    gang they were.

    Now let's look at the term psychological criminal first of all. You know a
    criminal who has a gun and a mask, burglar tools, and has all sorts of
    little tricks and devices to rob you or assault you. That’s an obvious
    physical criminal, right?...You are fixed with the little comfortable
    corner of your mind that when you think of a criminal, you think of the man
    with the mask and the skeleton key.

    As spiritual students, you must do much better. Now I’ll tell you how to
    do much better right at the very start. Just believe what the truth says
    about human beings, about men and women, which is that everyone who is not
    on the side of Life is on the side of darkness.

    Now look, look. You don’t have to wonder whether that man or that old
    woman, young man or whatever out there is a criminal or not. You know very
    well that man or that woman or that authority is not on the side of Truth.
    Don’t you know it?

    You see a mirror in this hall? Yes, and I can put it that way with one
    hundred percent confidence and so can the rest of you all in this room,
    because you know very well that the truth is here. You know it whether you
    want it or not. You know it, which is your hell if you don’t want what
    you know.

    You will henceforth, from now on, understand that everyone you meet and
    know, including yourself, is a psychological criminal."

       Psychological Criminals
          The Truth About This World - MP3 CD, track 3