• "How to Look Above for Answers

    When someone gets to the point where they say, 'I want answers, I can look
    inside or I can look outside.' And they read a philosophy book somewhere
    that says, 'Search within, look inside yourself for what is true, for what is
    right, what is good.'

    So the individual makes an experiment of looking inside and what he sees
    scares him so badly, he doesn't do that very often. Because he sees himself
    as he is and he sees what we just talked about, he sees his insincerity
    that he's had all these years in which he said, 'I want to get rid of my
    pain.' And he sees that that was a falsehood; he doesn't want to get rid of
    his pain at all - his pain is his best friend.

    By the way, that advice of look within should be changed a little bit -
    should be changed to look within and then go beyond what you see, right? If
    you just see what you are, no wonder you're discouraged, but that kind of
    discouragement you must enter and pass beyond. And that's another talk, of
    course, as to what we find beyond our own confusion, our own

    So, you tried that, you looked inside and you found no guidance there, no
    assistance, nothing encouraging, you found the exact opposite. So you say,
    if I have to keep looking in that direction I'm not going to get anywhere.
    So, the only solution seems to be to look outward.

    And now you're in equal trouble, are you not? Because your inner state and
    the world's state are exactly the same thing. But there's a certain tricky
    advantage in looking outward in that we don't have to look and see that we
    are responsible for ourselves. And since everyone else is playing the same
    game with us, everybody is offering solutions and everybody else is
    believing in them, so that everyone can abandon their responsibility….

    So if there is nothing inside us presently and we can't find anything
    outside of us, where do we go next? Where we go next, we must use a word, I
    assure you that it's far above the word, and the word is 'above.' You can't
    go in, you can't go out, then you must go above. ...Don't go into
    imagination as to what it means, because you can be practical, and here's
    what it means to go above instead of in or out.

    Listen carefully, and you may be astonished at the revelation of what you
    are going to hear. To look above means to so finally tune your mind that
    it's extremely alert, extremely sensitive to hear truths that come to you
    from anywhere.

    Let me give you a couple of examples and then you can expand it in your own
    work at home. You're walking down the street and a couple of men are
    working in front of a house and you're thinking about other things,
    thinking about your shopping or whatever, but here are these two men
    working in front of this house as you're passing by. You don't know them,
    but they're carrying on a conversation fairly near you and one of the men
    just casually says, 'I'm going to do this thing right.' As simple as that!

    He says, and you can catch this, the earnestness in his voice, he's doing
    some carpentry work let's say, and he's obviously having a little problem
    with it, but you hear him say, 'I'm going to do this thing right.' You sense
    that he means it; if it takes him a half hour longer, he's going to get
    that board and that nail and that shelf, whatever he's doing, he's going to
    get it right. You heard him say that.

    Now that has no connection with you, you're not the carpenter there, but as
    you continue down the street, you know you have heard something true for
    you. Just a little comment, because all our lives, we have been so
    careless, so lazy with our life, we don't do things right and that man
    reminded you.

    You said you wanted answers to life and I'm going to be alert to hear it
    wherever it comes from. Here's a total stranger sending it out in the
    atmosphere and you hear it and you know that you have not been doing things
    right. And you say from now on, whatever it means, I'm going to start doing
    things right in my life. I'm not going to be careless with my life any

    See, because you were alert that is already bringing you a little bit above
    your present level.

    And there are other things: maybe you're reading a travel book, geography
    book let's say, and you read something about a compass is always true, a
    compass will always tell you the truth about things.

    Maybe that connects something inside of you. 'I heard about an inner
    compass, I've never understood it but reading about a physical compass that
    ships use, and ah, and that connects with what I heard about seeking
    within.' And you have understood that you must go beyond the horrors of
    yourself, go beyond it to where the compass is.

    Everything comes together, everything begins to make sense. Here is the
    instructions so far: anywhere you go, if you want the truth, begin to
    listen to something that is different from your present collections inside
    yourself, collections of thoughts, of attitudes, of viewpoints, of beliefs.

    See, that man walking past those two carpenters, someone said something and
    he was alert to it and it hit him just right because it was different from
    the world. It was different from the world out there and the world he had
    inside of him. I tell you - don't lose the value of that point.

    So wherever you go twenty-four hours of the day, truth is always trying to
    get through - and it can come in a purely mechanical form. Those carpenters
    weren't talking about spiritual things, but what they said on an
    intellectual level was true, and it's available for you to start to use and
    to think rightly, to get our thoughts going in the right direction."

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