Morning Prayer 3/21/24

  • Yahvah, in praise and thanksgiving we look toward your kingdom and the reign of Yahvahosha the Messiah in your kingdom. We rejoice that you make him Yahvah not only in heaven but also on earth, where he will gain the victory in all mankind. Men will become good and will love one another, and they will find peace when everything is done according to your will. For the time must come when, on earth as in heaven, your will is done everywhere and in everything. Be with us with your Spirit so that we may stand firm as your children until the moment comes for us to exult: Up out of all grief and trouble! Up from evil and death! Up to you, our Father in heaven! Praise to your name today while we are still groaning. Glory to your kingdom. Glory to Yahvahosha the Messiah our Savior, whom you have given us. Halleluyah