• "Someone mentioned earlier that people are not very nice. Do you really
    think you're a nice person? How can you be a nice person to others when
    you're not at all nice to yourself? You don't like the kind of a man or
    a woman you are at all.

    But back to the original point. I'm trying to tell you a very profound
    spiritual fact. Ignore it at your own peril; know better than what I'm saying
    at your own peril and you will pay the price. I'm not threatening you, I'm
    telling you a fact, stating a fact, and you know as well as I do that
    everything you're hearing is a fact. But you don't want it to be a fact
    because you have your own delusions which you call facts and you're
    worried that someone is going to take your delusions away from you. You
    better get down and thank someone who takes your delusions away from you
    because you don't even know they're delusions.

    All right, now I hope you're following this because it could crack open a
    lot of the prisons that you're in. If thinking about social success,
    making a lot of money, if thinking about love and romance and..., if
    thinking about, even thinking about being right with God, if thinking about
    that can't succeed, and it hasn't and never will, then maybe you had
    better see the limitations of thinking.

    See, that thought can go only so high. You can run your business with
    thought, you can fix your breakfast with thought, but never above it, never
    Heavenly, never high.

    You'd better see it, you'd better try to see it tonight. Don't postpone it,
    don't push it away because you know more than the man giving the talk,
    because you don't know more than the man giving the talk.

    You don't know anything at all as a matter of fact. All you have is
    thoughts and you think that's it. That's a part of your limitation, you
    think that thinking is _it_. It is not it."

        from a talk given 8/26/1987
      V. H.'s Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 14, talk 333, track 1