• "One of the single greatest problems that human beings have is the
    inability to see that very fact that they say one thing and do another.
    They don't see the two at once. They're both in separate compartments. Once
    a person says, 'I will be gentle with you.' The man says to the woman,
    'I'll care for you.' The woman says, 'I'll be considerate of you. Once
    they say that, it's all in a little compartment and they don't see
    themselves when they do the exact opposite. Which is why the breaking down
    of the walls of unconsciousness, of resistance, of folly, the breaking down
    of the wall must happen so that we can see that indeed we say one thing and
    then go out and do another.

    Now I'm going to read to you another exercise in the series of 'Practical
    Exercises for Inner Harmony' that will put you into action inwardly and
    outwardly so that you can begin to see these contractions, these two sides
    in yourself.

    The title of this Practical Exercise for Inner Harmony that you can use
    out in the world is called, 'The Show is Over, Thank Heaven.' And let me
    pause to say when your show is over you will say, 'Thank heaven' for the
    first time.

    Right now you say thank heaven when you get a a stroke of good fortune,
    right? You get something, some advantage over someone. Our wolf-like
    nature had everything to do with it, in which all we know is what we want
    regardless of the consequences of someone else.

    Let me repeat a very definite point. As long as you have a wolf-like
    nature, which means you're sound asleep, under the spell of this world and
    your own mind, as long as you have that, you have no conscience toward
    anyone else. You will hurt anyone, but you don't see it. You don't know how
    bad it is. You don't know how deep the delusion is that you are a good

       Practical Exercises For Inner Harmony - Part 4
          Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony - MP3 CD, track 4