• "Our two angels, the veteran angel and the apprentice angel, are back again.
    These two angels, who are here to help humanity, have been patrolling all
    over the world. And it's too bad humanity does not want their help more.

    The two angels set up a problem-solving clinic on top of a high mountain.
    Now, if a clinic for helping human beings is at the top of a mountain, that
    means human beings are going to have to do some climbing, right? And the
    hard work is one thing you have to do more of. And one hard work you have
    to do is to simply see that when you talk, you don't know what you're
    talking about, unless it happens to be a technical matter. You can talk
    about woodwork down at your shop or running your business. But when you
    talk about psychological matters, you don't know what you're talking about.

    ...Some people would climb all the rugged path up to the top of the
    mountain, and they asked the angels, 'Why do I get into so much trouble?'
    'Why am I always having a heavy spirit inside?' 'What's wrong that I suffer
    so much? And I have to be so careful that I don't make a mistake. And as
    careful as I am to not make a mistake, I make mistakes! I'm always afraid
    that someone is going to stop me right in the middle of my success, and
    they're going to knock me down or something. What's the answer to all my
    problems?’ - the people would ask the angels who were up on top of the

    These angels are very smart. I told you they've been around for tens of
    thousands of years, and they know the answers because they get them from
    the true source. In this clinic, they only gave one answer. The answer was,
    'The reason you have problems is because you are weak when you could have
    been strong.' You were always asking in your own phraseologies and in your
    own morose anxieties, you are always asking that, aren't you?

    Why don't you listen to this answer for now? The reason - you are internally
    mixed-up, chaotic, hurting all the time is because you were weak when you
    could be strong."

        from a talk given 10/9/1987
      V. H's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 15, talk 358, track 1