• "Now look where that leaves each one of you as individuals - not as a
    family member, not as a club member, not as a social human being. It leaves
    you as an individual who has to start from himself, start from herself, and
    go all the way down the path, which is a lot of fun, a lot of jolts, but a
    lot of fun. Until you reach the end of it right here in this life, where you
    see something so unique, so different, so new, that you know you’ll never
    be able to explain it to another human being. Because you know that what you
    have discovered, this newness, this inner transformation, you know that
    every person has to find it for himself. Just as you did, over the months,
    over the years, of making mistakes, correcting the mistakes, letting truth
    correct the mistakes and finding it at last for yourself."

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