• "Try to understand this, please - it’s vital.

    When truth sends down innocence, insight, strength, courage, kindness,
    love, when truth sends it down, that truth, that power becomes the
    only life of the individual who has surrendered to God. But you understand,
    hasn’t he given up his old life? Of course, you know very well that’s
    the condition, that you get a new life as you give up the old life. The
    space has been made now because there is no longer the subtle self-deceits,
    there is no longer the sly boasts of about how good you are, how generous
    you are to other people.

    All that torment, and it is torment - hypocrisy hurts incredibly - all that
    is gone, out of the way. Now there is room for only one thing - all the
    virtues that God alone possesses to come down and enter the human being and
    live through that human being.

    Now he knows something, now he knows that anything he does that is good is
    not his goodness. Any kindness, any help now that his very nature gives to
    someone else is not his nature; his nature is gone, it’s through. That was
    in time, and time is gone and now only God in his nowness and I might say truth
    in its majesty and at its absolute complete power is living through that
    human being.

    This is what it means, which few humans attain but I want you to attain, this
    is what it means to give only the glory to God."

     Your Treasure of Higher Pleasure - Part 2
        The Secret of Spiritual Awakening - MP3 CD, track 2