• "True goodness and rightness and tenderness is easy flowing, just like the
    river. No forcing on your part required, just spontaneous, just as a bird
    doesn't have to think how to fly, it just flies. Your real nature, which
    includes that virtue of quietness and courteous behavior, your real nature
    doesn't have to think at all about expressing itself; it just is, it just
    does that.

    Now if you want to know what that means personally, experimentally, then
    hear these explanations. Before real tenderness must come toughness.
    Toughness leads to tenderness. Now I'm not talking about harshness, not
    talking about being a bully, forcing your life and ideas and attention onto
    others. I'm defining this kind of toughness as an absolute one thousand
    percent insistence on doing and being what is truthful, what's healthy,
    what is higher than your human nature."

        from a talk given 5/13/1988
      V. H.'s Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 20, talk 484, track 2