SECRETS OF LIFE (R) 4-198-24

  • "Why don't you try letting the world defeat you consciously. Someone turns
    you down, 'I see that's what happened, someone turned me down. I didn't get
    what I wanted. I see, I understand, I didn't get what I wanted’ - just a
    nice casual, pleasant even, reaction to it. When you're in this state, you
    can walk through the whole world, through a thousand events a day, meeting
    all kind of people, and the one word that would accurately describe you,
    without it becoming identification, would be the word casual.

    You don't know what it means to be casual, do you? You do know what it
    means to be tense, to be demanding, to look fearfully around, fearfully
    around. I see it in this room, hoping that someone is going to approve of
    you, going to even notice you, even say good evening to you.

    Why don't you deliberately deny yourself what you call the pleasure of
    someone saying good evening sometime or good morning or whatever?

    Deny yourself that pleasure and watch how troubled you really are because
    you didn't get the false reward you've been seeking and demanding all your
    life, but seeing the very small disturbance that you had when you
    deliberately denied yourself that reward. That is right self-study.

    Now you're getting down to seeing the images that have been masquerading as
    you and that's the end of them - to see them very clearly."

        From Propaganda to Inner Success
            DVD # 30, talk 3   Blu-ray # 7, talk 8